About me

Hi there!

So glad you popped in for a visit! Here are some unimportant things you should know about me ( the order is of no importance but if you read every forth letter you’ll find the key to the treasure map..):

  1. I have managed to get this far in life by pretending I knew exactly what I was doing at all times.
  2. It is dangerous to make eye contact with me before I have had coffee in the morning
  3. I can’t spell to save my life (yay for spellcheck!)
  4. I am a ginormous musical theater geek.
  5. I just misspelled ginormous (double yay!)
  6. I love any form of art that lets you create
  7. I’ve decided this year that being an adult kind of sucks so I might move to Neverland..stay tuned for updates.
  8. I started this blog just to spill some truths and meet some weirdos like me..so far it’s been going great so if you want to join the party just come on in!